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Celine, Glasgow (online)

I started Hypnotherapy with Morag after a cancer diagnosis to help mentally with what I was going through.  I found that regular sessions gave me the tools to overcome any negative feelings, and to understand the importance of keeping a positive mind for your health and wellbeing.  

Morag also offers a hypnotherapy recording that I use when I feel a bit anxious and need a helping hand to rebalance and calm down.

Myles, Somerset

It was lovely working with Morag, who for me was a warm, encouraging and gentle guide.  The experience has been magical, enlightening and vivid...

I woke up many mornings, my outlook changed to a more determined one, without doubt due to the power of our work together

Thierry, Paris (online)

I appreciated Morag's professionalism, and the information about the brain.

The first session was very complete and interesting.

Morag is very talented and creates a wonderful relaxing environment using her voice.

It is like a very beautiful journey, something very positive.  I like it very much!

Thank you.

Niamh, North Lanarkshire (online)

Since starting sessions with Morag I have noticed a massive improvement in my overall well-being!  Hypnotherapy has helped me so much with coping with anxiety.  I find I'm balancing uni work along with work and socialising a lot easier, and believe it's down to the techniques Morag taught me to manage stress.  

I look forward to my sessions and would recommend it to everyone...

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