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What will happen during Sessions?

Initial Consultation:


During the initial consultation you will be asked what we can help you with, and what you’d like to achieve from our sessions.  We will take some general information from you and ask about your health and sleep.

You will then be given an explanation of how our minds work, which will help you to understand why you might be feeling as you do.


You will then be given a relaxation Mp3, which will support the work we do during our sessions, and we will book your first session.


Follow up Sessions:


In this session, we will explore what has been good since we last met.  By establishing what has been good helps you to think about positive things, we will only discuss the positives to keep you in that mindset.  By doing that it will help you to take small steps, and to visualise your goals and see them as being more achievable.  Plus, it will encourage you to be using your intellectual brain, which helps you to think more rationally, logically and most importantly to stay positive.  


I will then do a revision of how our brains work again, and this will help you to start to understand why you behave in the ways you do.  Although we can’t change what happens in our lives, we can change how we think about those events and how we react to them.  The brain explanation will help you understand that.  By staying in a positive mindset, we essentially create new neural pathways, which will definitely help stop any negative thinking you may have been focusing on.

We will use ‘the miracle question’ for you to see how your life would be if you were a little closer to achieving your goal, before guiding you into a state of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a state of focused attention and deep rexation, which is really a ‘trance state’.  We all go into trance many times in our day, for example when we are running, watching t.v., or driving on a regular route, so it is quite safe and you will be in control the whole time, so don’t worry!

When we are in a state of hypnosis, both our conscious and subconscious minds come together in focus to allow us to get the very best out of ourselves and I’m sure you will feel very relaxed and positive after the experience.  

We will then book your next session and you will be encouraged to listen to your relaxation Mp3 at home, as well as to practice staying in your positive brain.


The rest of your sessions will follow the same format unless you are coming for fears and phobias.  In those cases, we will use a technique known as the Rewind and Reframe, which will help you to think differently about those things you have been frightened of. 


Seeing clients leave my sessions more positive and focused is wonderful to see and is the reason why I do what I do!



Get in touch and I’ll be happy to help you…

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